Children are advised to wear old clothes to Pre-School in case of accidents, paint spillages, etc.  Your child may wear their own clothes or you may choose that your child wears Pre-School t-shirts or sweatshirts which are available to purchase from the Pre-School for a small charge.  Some parents choose to put their children in red t-shirts/sweatshirts and grey trousers/skirts or red checked dresses as they get older in preparation for primary school.  It is up to you as a parent to decide what is appropriate for your child.


Eccles Pre-School
Methodist Church Hall
Bull Lane
Aylesford Kent
ME20 7HE


07986 259293

(during session times only)

TERM DATES 2019/20/21

Thurs 16 April    - Fri 22 May 2020

May BH VE Day - Fri 8 May   2020 

Mon 1 June       - Fri 17 July  2020

Mon 7 Sept       - Fri 16 Oct   2020

Mon 26 Oct      - Fri 18 Dec   2020

Mon 4 Jan        - Fri 12 Feb    2021

Mon 22 Feb     - Wed 31 Mar 2021

Mon 19 April    - Fri 28 May    2021

May BH            - Mon 3 May   2021

Mon 7 June     -  Fri 21 July    2021

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Registered Charity No.1032372
Member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance. OFSTED insp


Mon –  Fri         09.00-12.00 

Mon, Tue,Thur 12:30-15:30

Lunch club runs Mon, Tues, Thur 12:00 to 12:30, for £2.

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