Daily Routine

9.00                        Children arrive with Parent/Carer.  One member of staff on the door checking in.

9.15                        Children sit in a group for Show and Tell and discuss the number and letter of the week.

9.25-11.40              Free play including outside play.

10.15-onwards       Wash hands for snack and drink in a small group, available for all children.

11.40                      Tidy up time during which children and staff put activities away together.

11.45                      Whole group sit on the mat for singing and a story.

11.55                      Children get a book to look at while staff members get the children’s coats

                                and bags.

A register is taken on entry.  Children are encouraged to pick up their name off the mat and put it on a peg at the back of the hall where their coats and bags are then hung up.  Parents/Carers say goodbye and hand them over to one of the staff members to start the day.

Home Time Routine

Parents wait outside the front door in a queue.  The children are then allowed to leave the Pre-School one at a time for security reasons.  If you wish to discuss anything you are welcome to come inside and talk to your child’s key person.  Please could you notify us if anyone else is going to be collecting your child.